Friday, April 21, 2017

GIS Internship (final update)

This will be my final update on my GIS Internship for the semester. I finished out the last couple of weeks with a few ESRI courses (3D Visualization, 3D City Information, Network Analysis, and Terrain Analysis) and my WQLM impervious surface project. When I finally figured out the problem with the impervious surface data, I was grateful to be able to finally start the project. The workflow involved adding a county mosaic, a basin outline layer, and a digitized rooftop layer to a blank map. With an editing session open, I worked my way through my assigned basin creating polygons over rooftops for the digitized rooftop layer. I got mostly through the entire basin, but I probably have at least two more hours of digitizing before the project is complete. Attached are pictures of the layers I used to create the polygons to give insight on what my process looked like.

County mosaic

Basin outlines

H basin (assigned basin) selected

During editing

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